Most important resources

A list of blog posts and papers I find interesting and worthy to have a look at.

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Blogs that are interesting and worth a look.


The site covers music, graph based parallelization (via redgrapes) and researched for (typed?) structure editing (nested).

If you are into psychedelic art, also have a look at its top-level


Amos produces high quality deep dives about Rust (and low level programming) related topics. They mostly start understandable and become increasingly complex.


Inigo Quilez has a lot of posts online related to math, graphics and, most importantly signed-distance-fields. I believe his 2D and 3D signed distance function collections has been the starting point for many people getting into SDFs including me.

Jendrik Illner

Jendrik compiles a list of the most important graphics programming related happenings each week.

The blog at the bottom of the sea

The Blog covers math, audio and graphics programming related topics. As specially when getting started in audio programming this is a good location to get a basic understanding of filters, time and frequency domain.


🔨 Work in progress 🔨


🔨 Work in progress 🔨

Libraries and crates

I'm mostly using Rust at the moment, so these are mostly crates (Rust-Ecosystem word for library).


  • Hotwatch allows you to watch files in your file system and execute a function if something changes. Not setup needed!
  • Puffin easy profiling of specific function. There is a web based interface that allows reading the profiles in realtime.
  • ash Low-Level Vulkan bindings.
  • winit Rust based window creation. Also provides raw window handles/pointer that can be used with vulkan
  • rust-gpu Rust -> SpirV compiler/utilities. Allows you to write shaders using rust that are compiled to SpirV. Used by my Algae JIT-Compiler.