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A short excursion providing an overview of the MiniSDF language, my reasoning for it and its shortcomings.

SPIR-V patching

So, did you ever want to change parts of you shader code at runtime? Lets say change how a BRDF behaves, or what a GPU-Simulation does based on some user input? Then this article (an the resulting program) are for you!

MPR-121 Driver

Discussing the implementation of the Mpr121-hal crate and its usage.


A frame graph and resource manager on top of MarpII

FS-1027-DG Driver

Introduction on using embedded-hal to write a small driver module for the I²C based fs1027-DG flow sensor module, and releasing it.

ESP32 Intro for Rust

Introduction on getting started with the RiscV based esp32 dev board.

Poor man's gender-graph

My take on a slim render-graph implementation for Vulkan using Ash


Partial shader JIT compilation. Algae explores the possibility of injecting runtime generated shader code into SPIR-V modules.


This post introduces the conecepts of Nako, an experimental signed distance field framework for Vulkan.